Fougerolle has been developing electronic products for audiovisual professionals for more than 40 years. As a provider for television channels, production and institutional companies, the Fougerolle company has adapted to the constant changes in technology. It has also constantly listened to its clients so that its products match their expectations. The consulting team has acquired solid skills in the field of audio and video, both in analog and digital. It is these skills that we propose to put at your service today.

Major player in the field, Fougerolle has built a solid reputation with its tailor-made, robust and easy-to-use products
Both a design office and a manufacturer, we are able to provide quickly with turnkey products. This can range from electronic card development to finished product, from prototype to small series.

The Fougerolle product line includes the Camiflex family for camera over optical fiber extender, the Miniflex family with conversion, distribution, text insertion, analysis and stitching capabilities embedded in a solid and compact chassis, and finally the Proflex family based on a custom-built chassis optimized for your application.

Finally, we rely on a network of local subcontractors chosen for their expertise in their field, which allows us to propose products in short timeframes, and to master each step of the manufacturing process of our products