Bureau d’étude

Services proposed by the Fougerolle design office

More than 30 years of experience in the design of professional audio and video equipment have enabled the Fougerolle company to acquire a know-how, put for several years at the service of its customers.

Our range of services (besides a catalog of standard audio and video products) includes:

  • Design, industrialization, manufacturing, validation and testing of electronic boards and complete functions (integrating hardware, software and mechanics) based on specifications

  • Assistance in drawing up a specification.
  • The carrying out of specific studies on specifications.

Some customer references: TDF, France3, Sagem, Airbus, Dassault, Sony, Ifremer, Maquet, Fischer with applications for broadcast video (production, distribution, post-production, broadcast, transmission), video surveillance, medical imaging , Defense, industry, aeronautics, underwater exploration ..

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Knowledge of standards, measurements and all processing of baseband, analog and digital video and audio signals

  • The control / command of the equipments (local commands, commands offset by serial links, infrared, ethernet …, alarm generation, supervision …)

  • Professional electronics in general, based on analog and digital functions (converters, microcontrollers, FPGA …)

Our main strengths, based on an experienced multidisciplinary team, include:

  • Understanding the client’s demand, through shared language and experience

  • The flexibility and responsiveness to provide a solution of true quality

  • Reliability and durability: 24/24 operation of the equipment in difficult environments, ability to intervene on achievements of more than 10 years …

Achievements and areas of application:

  • Signal Distribution and Switching:

    • Distributors and switching matrices of all sizes and for all types of video and audio signals: composite, components, VGA, SDI, DVB / ASI, HD-SDI, AES / EBU …
  • Audio and Video Conversion:

    • Analog transcoders, digital / analog converters and analog / digital converters
  • Real-time processing:

    • Synchronizing video signals to a reference
    • Color Correction
    • Inlay text and logos on an analog or digital video signal: fixed or animated texts, real time clock, stopwatch, sensors …
    • Inserting and extracting audio signals into a video signal
    • Insertion of data and test signals into a video signal (date / time, remote controls, shooting or measurement parameters …) 


  • Video streaming and monitoring:

    • Measuring the quality of a video link by inserting test signals

    • Remote control by inserting encoded commands into the video signal

Processes implemented:

    • Design of electronic boards:

      • Design
      • Schema
      • Routing subcontracting files
      • Developments in Embedded Software
    • Development of HMI on PC (Windows)
    • Development of prototypes
    • Chassis design
    • EMC tests (subcontracts)
    • Test benches for production
    • Outsourcing of production
    • Full product validation with tests results

Technologies implemented:

    • Development on CPLD and FPGA in VHDL
    • Development on microcontrollers in C
    • Development of communications on RS232, RS485, SPI, I2C, infrared, Ethernet: TCP / IP, UDP, http, SNMP …
    • Development of software and HMI on Windows PC in java …

Technical equipment:

Design equipment:

  • ORCAD Schematic, DesignSpack PCB, KiCAD
  • FPGA suites (Xilinx, Altera, Lattice) editing, synthesis, simulation, programming
  • Microcontroller suites (Microchip, Freescale …) editing, compilation, programming
  • Mechanical Drawings: Autocad, DraftSight

Measurement equipment

  • General measurements: 8GHz oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, generators …
  • Analog video: dedicated generators and oscilloscopes (Phabrix, Philips, Tektronix ..)
  • Analog audio: dedicated generators and analyzers (Lea, Audioprecision, Phonic)
  • SDI Video: Tektronix generator and analyzer
  • HD-SDI video: Tektronix generator and analyzer, JVC full HD screen