Legal information – cookies

I. Introduction

When browsing our site, information about your browsing is likely to be stored in files called “cookies” that are stored on the terminal used to access the site. This page allows you to understand what a cookie is, what it serves and how it can be set.

II. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file filed, subject to your choices, on the hard disk of your terminal (computer, tablet, mobile phone or any other Internet-optimized device) when visiting a site or consulting a publicity. Cookies are managed by your internet browser and only the sender of a cookie is likely to read or modify the information contained therein. They make it possible to identify the terminal on which it is registered, for a limited period of validity.

III. What is the use of cookies on our site?

Four types of cookies are likely to be saved on your device during your navigation on our site. The purposes of each of these types of cookies are described below.

1. Technical cookies

Technical cookies are required for navigation on our site and access to the various products and services offered there. They are used to:

Optimize the presentation of the site to display preferences (language used, display resolution, operating system, etc.) depending on the terminal you are using;
Allow you to access personal spaces, such as your user account and the contents that are reserved for you, on the basis of the information transmitted when you create your account;
Memorize passwords and other information about a form you have filled in on our site;
Establish statistics on attendance and use of our site;
Implement certain security measures;

These cookies must not be deactivated because they will no longer be able to properly access the site and its services.

2. Hearing Measurement Cookies

The audience measurement cookies are issued by the FFF and / or our technical service providers in order to measure the consultation of our different contents. These cookies also serve to identify possible navigation problems and thus to improve the ergonomics of the site. These cookies produce only anonymous statistics excluding any individual information.

3. Advertising cookies

a. Cookies from the advertising network:

The advertising spaces on our site are operated by our advertising network and contain cookies issued by it, their exploitation contributes to the financing of the contents and services made available to you free of charge. In this context, our partner agency may collect data concerning the contents consulted on our site, in compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act of 1978. The cookies deposited by our partner agency allow during their period of validity of Count the total number of advertisements in our ad slots, identify advertised ads, know how many users clicked on each ad, and, if so, what further actions the users made on those pages These advertisements. These cookies can also make it possible to adapt the spaces and advertising content of our site according to the display preferences of your terminal, the location data (longitude and latitude) transmitted by your terminal with your prior agreement and the navigation of your terminal on Our site or on third party sites in which our authority also issues cookies.

b. Cookies contained in advertisements on our website:

Advertising content (graphics, animations, videos, etc.) in the advertising space on our site may contain cookies issued by certain third parties: the advertiser responsible for the advertising content in question, or a third-party Associated with a cookie to the advertising content of the advertiser (communication consulting agency, audience measurement company, targeted advertising provider, …). Cookies issued by these companies may allow them, during the period of validity of these cookies, to:

Disseminate advertising in all sites reserved for third-party advertising;
Recognize the number of displays of advertising content delivered via our ad slots, identify advertised advertisements and the number of users who clicked on each advertisement;
Recognize your terminal when you navigate to any other site or service on which these advertisers or third parties also issue cookies and, where applicable, adapt these third party sites or services or the advertisements they broadcast to the navigation Of your terminal from which they may become aware;

4. Social media cookies

Social network cookies allow you to share the content of our site with others or to make your opinion about the content of the site known to third parties. On our site some sharing buttons are integrated via third-party applications that can issue this type of cookies. This is the case for Facebook’s “Share” or “I Love” buttons, “Twitter”, “Google+”, “Youtube” and “Instagram” buttons. The social network providing such an application button is likely to identify you with this button, even if you did not use this button when visiting our site. Indeed, this type of application button can allow the social network concerned to track your browsing on our site, simply because your account on the social network concerned is activated on your terminal (open session) while browsing our site. We invite you to consult the privacy policies of these social networks in order to be aware of the purposes of use, especially advertising, of the navigation information that they can gather through these application buttons. These protection policies must enable you to exercise your choices with these social networks, in particular by setting up your usage accounts on each of these networks. To know the privacy policy of the social networks below click on the link associated with the social network of your choice:

Google +

IV. Your choices regarding cookies

1. Accept or reject cookies

By using our site, you consent to the use of the aforementioned cookies. However, you may choose to disable all or part of these cookies at any time by the means described below, except for the technical cookies necessary for the operation of the site. You can accept or reject cookies on a case-by-case basis or refuse them systematically. We remind you, however, that this setting is likely to modify your conditions of access to our contents and services requiring the use of cookies. We invite you to set your browser according to the purpose of the cookies. We shall not be liable for any consequences arising from the degraded functioning of our services resulting from the fact that we can not register or consult the cookies necessary for their operation and which you have refused or deleted. If you accept cookies embedded in the content you have visited, these cookies may be temporarily stored in a dedicated area of ​​your terminal. They will be readable only by their transmitter. Note that your browser can also be set to notify you of the cookies that are deposited on your device and ask you to accept them or not.

2. Exercise your choices according to the browser used

Regarding the management of cookies, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of your browser which will allow you to know how to modify your choices in terms of cookies. Click on the link of the browser of your choice to access the detailed information on the setting of the cookies:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

3. Other methods of refusing cookies

Depending on the nature of the cookies, there are other possibilities than setting the browser to express your choices with regard to cookies.

a. Refuse cookies for audience measurement:

On our site, audience measurement cookies are deposited by Google Analytics. To specifically block these cookies you can click the disable link below, and then download and install the add-on in your browser. This add-on is compatible with the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8 to 11, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera.

Google Analytics deactivation link: Google Analytics deactivation
Note that the add-on will save a cookie to your device that is solely intended to block the sending of data to Google Analytics by your browser.

To learn more about the Google Analytics Opt and installation of add-on in your browser, thank you to the following link: Browser Add-on for the Google Analytics Opt

To learn more about privacy in Google Analytics, please follow this link: Protecting Your Data

b. Refusing advertising cookies:

The cookies of the advertising network:

Cookies targeted or behavioral advertising: To manage the use and exploitation of these cookies, we invite you to visit the advertising cookies management platform offered by professional digital advertising grouped in the European EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance) and managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France. This European platform is shared by hundreds of professional digital advertising and provides a centralized interface for you to express, simply and quickly, your refusal or acceptance of cookies may be used by these companies to adapt The advertisements displayed on your terminal to your browsing information: EDAA cookie management
In terms of advertising, our site also uses the services of the following providers:

Please note that these different procedures will not prevent the posting of advertisements on the websites you visit. They will only block technologies that allow you to tailor advertisements to your interests.

c. Reject social networking cookies:

To refuse cookies used by social networks, especially through sharing buttons, you can follow the instructions provided at the following links:

Google + et YouTube

4. Warning:

Please note that taking your cookie choices into account is based on the recording of one or more cookies to memorize your decisions. If you delete some or all cookies stored in your device, we may not know what refusal or consents were issued to you. This would mean resetting the consent and you should then reject the cookie (s) you do not want to keep. Note also that the procedures for accepting or refusing cookies made using a given browser apply only to this browser. For an application on the different browsers of your terminal, your refusals and consents in terms of cookies must be expressed on each of these browsers.