SDI video signal analyzer

The MiniFlex Analyzer is an equipment that allows the analysis of an SDI signal with an incredible simplicity. A single LED is sufficient to translate the result of the analysis. A probe output that copies the incoming signal can also be used to insert the analyzer into an interference-free video chain.

When the equipment is switched on, with a video present on the input, the status LED is set to green (no problem detected) and then changes its state and thus reports the most important problem that occurred during the duration Of the test. The status of the LED never goes down to a lower priority or green error: the only way to reset this status is to press the reset button.

Compatible with HD 1080p, HD 1080i, 720p resolutions and standard resolutions 525 (NTSC) or 625 lines (PAL / SECAM), it automatically detects formats and analyzes the signal accordingly.

5 levels of alarms:

  • Problem anciliary data
  • Problem on EDH package
  • Problem on CRC line
  • TRS Problem
  • Loss synchro PLL


In independant or 19 “rack-mountable enclosure with the ability to integrate multiple different analyzers into the same chassis, MiniFlex-Analyzers are the perfect complement to MiniFlex video pattern generators.




Download product sheet: TAS-MI – FicheCommerciale – EN