Video over HDMI Analyzer

The HDMI MiniFlex Analyzer is a device that allows the analysis of an HDMI signal with great simplicity. A single LED is used to translate the result of the analysis.
The HDMI standard supports several video standards (YCbCr or RGB) and several formats (full or limited), the Miniflex HDMI Analyzer will let you know the mode used by your video sources.
When the equipment is switched on, with a video on the input, the status LED will turn green if the HDMI format is in RGB mode, or orange for the YCbCr mode.
Using the AVI InfoFrame contained in the HDMI, the LED will remain fixed when the Miniflex HDMI Analyzer receives a Limited Range format (video format 16-235) and flashes for a Full Range format (graphic format 0-255).
Note that as the DVI standard does not support AVI InfoFrame, connecting a DVI source to the Miniflex HDMI Analyzer will systematically result in a Full range format detection by the Miniflex HDMI Analyzer.

The Miniflex HDMI Analyzer is particularly suitable for analyzing HDMI sources that do not take EDID of the HDMI receiver into account to define their resolutions and formats. (Ex: graphics card whose format is forced, video converters entry-level, etc …). Otherwise, the EDID of the HDMI Analyzer Miniflex supports all the HDMI standard, the source will adopt a format that it considers optimum. The source may potentially use a format other than that reported by the analyzer if it is connected to a receiver with more limited functions.





Download product datasheet: TAH-MI – FicheCommerciale – EN