Convertisseur audio / vidéo / fibre optique

Based on the compact and sturdy Miniflex chassis, the Fougerolle Audio / Video Converter can convert any audio or video signal, either analog or digital, from one standard to another.

Based on modular boards, the converter is manufactured on demand according to the specifications expressed by the customer.

The table below gives an exhaustive list of the different formats of inputs, outputs and appendices that are available:

  • Video
    • PAL / SECAM / NTSC
    • RGB / RVBs
    • YPbPr / YUV
    • S-Video (Y / C)
    • SD / HD / 3G-SDI
    • DVB-ASI
    • DVI
    • HDMI
  • Audio
    • Mono / Stereo on RCA
    • Mono / Stereo balanced on XLR
    • AES Stereo on XLR
    • Removable 3-point terminal block
  • Other
    • Optical fiber
    • Ethernet
    • GPI / GPO
    • RS232 / 422
    • Relay Bypass
    • Lightning Protection
    • Alarm


Modular design, the Miniflex converter is available in 3 widths of 1 to 6 modules and thus allows to answer all the requests.

A wide range of power supplies allows it to meet all specific requirements, from + 5v continuous to 220v AC.



A few configuration examples (product code followed by configuration details):

CSD-M: SDI to DVI converter
CSH-M:  SDI to HDMI converter
CYP-M:  YPbPr to CVBS (PAL/NTSC) converter
CSO-M:  SDI to Optical converter
COD-M : Optical to DVI converter
CEO-M:  Ethernet to Optical converter
CSLO-M:  SDI + Rs to Optical converter
CB2A-M:  1 x AES (BNC ou XLR) to 2 symetrical audio (XLR) converter
CS8AS-M:  SDI + 8 analog audio to SDI converter
CSS4A-M: SDI to SDI+4 audio converter

And much more combination


Download product sheet: Fougerolle Miniflex – Converters – Datasheet