Audio/video pattern generator

The test pattern generator is a professional quality device that provides standard video test patterns. Simple to use and powerful, it is an ideal device for testing a Video installation. The choice of the output video format and the test pattern is done by coding wheels on the rear panel.

A mini-switch is also used to enable or disable the presence of audio (1Khz) on 2, 4, 6 or 8 embedded channels in the case of a stream generator on SDI and HDMI (2 channels maximum).

Compatible with the main video standards, this product generates the most used test patterns to validate the good functioning of an equipment.

Product codes:

GP-MI: Pattern generator with composite (PAL/SECAM) output

GS-MI: Pattern generator with SDI output

GH-MI: Pattern generator with HDMI output

GD-MI: Pattern generator with DVI output


Download product datasheet: Fougerolle Miniflex – Pattern Generator – Datasheet