Text and graphics inserter

Fougerolle text & graphics inserter allows you to add text or image information to a video stream.
The encrusted information may be fixed or it may vary in real time with data coming from, for example, sensors.
The text can be placed on 1 to 6 lines arranged independently on the screen. It is sent to the inserter via RS232 or Ethernet serial link. The ASCII protocol can be adapted on request. A built-in real-time clock provides the ability to embed the date and time on the video. The synchronization of this internal clock can also be done via different types of external sources: GPS, NTP, IRIGB, LTC, DCF, PTP or even a PC clock.
The inlay is adjustable in position, brightness and size. The text can be displayed either on a banner or directly on the image.

The Text & Fougerolle Graphic Inserter allows you to insert the following components:

  • Text
  • Timestamp, synchronized clock according to the following methods: GPS, NTP, IRIGB, LTC, DCF, PTP or PC clock
  • Graphics: arrow, circle, line
  • Logo
  • Reticle / Target
  • GPS coordinates with longitude / latitude, date & time UTC

All adjustments are made in real time, allowing the operator to instantly judge the effect of the setting on the image.
An optional PC software allows to edit the texts and to configure the overlay.
Presented in a mini-box or in 19″ chassis with the possibility of integrating several inserters in the same chassis, these equipments take the concept of Miniflex to answer the most varied demands.



Download product datasheet: Fougerolle Text and graphics Inserter – Datasheet