Multi purpose chassis

Coming with all the available features of the Miniflex product, ProFlex is the ideal product for customized configurations that require optimized compactness. It is used to obtain an ultra-dense product (mixing different types of converters on a 1RU chassis for example) or to deport a large number of connectors (video and / or audio, data …) over optical fiber. Its high sensitivity typically allows a connection up to 20 km distance without any loss.
Using optical wavelength division multiplexing technology, Proflex can simultaneously manage video, audio, data links (Ethernet full duplex 10/100/1000 BaseT, RS, etc.).
Presented in 19 “1U banner, it is possible to integrate several different functions in the same chassis, and thus have the customized product to meet exactly the constraints of the projects.

A few configuration examples:

IRIGB time insertion

8 PAL input/output on BNC
1 input/output on HDMI
1 input/output on HD-SDI
1 Ethernet port for management


Transmission of 8 cameras through a rotating joint (Cameras in the turret in a mobile vehicle)

8 video links over HD-SDI multiplexed over optical fiber
1 Gigabit Ethernet link (bi directionnal) for the camera management
Military connectors


Download product datasheet: Fougerolle Proflex – Datasheet